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Blogging: A Classrooms safe and digital home for authentic learning.

According to Richard (2006, cited in Pericles, 2008) a blog or weblog is “an easily created, easily update-able Website that allows an author (or authors) to publish instantly to the Internet from any Internet connection”. The fact that it is so simple and allows literally anybody to make their work accessible is one of the many reasons it has become a powerful tool for classroom; viewing it, creating it and shaping it. The are many added benefits for using blogging as a learning tool.

  1. It is interactive.
    Blogging opens up channels for continuous communication and discussion, not only within the classroom through its creation and content but through the readers and web browsers viewing the content in the world. It brings the concept of globalization into the classroom.
  2. It provides the exploration of purpose and audience.
    Blogs are created for many different reasons and many different audiences. The creation of the blog and its content within the classroom provides many opportunities for the discussion and learning of literacy conventions. This includes both the obvious multi-modal format; the composition of how video, music, image and writing work to engage an audience in a post but also the learning of traditional literacy text formats (persuasive, recount, narrative, ect) to influence the structure of content within a post. Above all, it is a creative tool that can be easily integrated into activities in all the KLA’s of the school curriculum
  3.  Links their everyday technology knowledge and skills with education for authentic learning experiences.
    Technology is an ever present aspect of our world and students are naturally engaging in technology unconsciously; surfing the internet, chatting, skyping, facebooking and tweeting. Utilising the students prior technological knowledge in schools; shaping it and giving it a purpose, creates not only a connective, meaningful and authentic learning experience but in turn deepens their skills and develops their net ‘savviness’

Blogging, undoubtedly is a powerful tool, despite the context it is used in if it is used well. For educators it becomes a solid stepping stone for building authentic digital, learning experiences and an exciting, creative force within the classroom.


Pericles, K. (2008). Happily blogging @ Belmore South. SCAN, 27(2), 4-6


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