Education / Media

GreenWashing: Being Media Smart

‘Greenwashing’ is a parody episode by The Media Show, hosted by two hilarious puppets who aim to inform the audience on how advertisers misguide, manipulate and fool consumers about how environmentally friendly they ‘really’ are.  The show begins by presenting various techniques advertisers employ to do this including:

  • using the colour “green” to appear Eco-friendly
  • Mis-representing the brand through images
  • Not providing actual facts or proof just superficial trade offs or vagueness

The puppets then cleverly employ these techniques in their show in a ‘sarcastic’ way to highlight how easily advertisers can misled facts about their brands, who they are and what they are representing.

As a teaching tool this is a fun and engaging resource to help students become media and digital smart. It not only highlights common misleading techniques used by advertisers but provides a spring board for students to start thinking critically about what they see, view and hear in the world around them.


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